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Centro Construction

Construction on Horrigan/Treece Hall continues and our new Centro area is beautiful!
We can’t wait for you to see it!







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The Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs has been quite busy this year!

Our office goals are create educational opportunities for members of the Bellarmine community to critically examine their beliefs, values and assumptions as it relates to multiculturalism. To ensure we fulfill our mission we are committed to offering co-curricular programs that acknowledge and reflect the experiences of underrepresented populations, while also providing educational opportunities for all members of the campus community.

5th Annual Dialogue on Diversity Conference

Bellarmine University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs is proud to host the 5th Annual Dialogue on Diversity conference. This year the conference will be held on Friday April 1, 2016 on Bellarmine’s campus in Louisville KY. The fifth annual Dialogue on Diversity Conference will for the first time ever take place on Bellarmine’s campus on April 1st bringing business, education, and health care leaders to campus to enter into dialogue. This will be the first year for student involvement to be incorporated into the conference. The conference also demonstrates Bellarmine University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion!  Our theme this year is: SET for Inclusion™

Visit the website to view complete details: http://www.bellarmine.edu/diversity/diversityconference/


#BUDialogue Sessions allow campus to come together and discuss challenges facing Bellarmine as well as important of-the-day topics worldwide.

  • Nov Dialogue: BU & Mizzou. Campus Unrest
  • Jan Dialogue: Immigration & Refugees
  • Feb Dialogue: Black and……Exploring Culture and Identity
  • March Dialogue: Women’s History Focus


Scarlet & Silver Dinner

Monthly, peer & professional facilitated conversations over dinner. Students are invited to enjoy a fine meal off campus with faculty, staff and their peers, to enjoy conversation, form connections, and explore their experience as a student striving to lead in a diverse world at BU and beyond. Each month, Scarlet & Silver Dinner will have a different theme to prompt new explorations and deeper understandings of your own experience and the experience of others.


January: MLK JR. Birthday Celebration & More!

Jan 14th & 15th Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mural Painting

Jan 18th: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
“A Day on, not a day off”
Jan 19th: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. FREE Celebration Concert
Sponsored by the Louisville Orchestra
Central High School
February: OMA Celebrates Black History Month

February 15-19: Black Student Union: Building Student Unity Week
Feb 17: Black History Trivia night
Feb 24: Movie Night @ Baxter Ave: RACE
Feb 25: Soul Food Dinner & Performance


We love followers and likes!  Here are ways to stay connected with our office via social media.

Like OMA on Facebook: Bellarmine Office of Multicultural Affairs
Follow us Twitter: @BUMulticultural
Follow us on Instagram: bumulticultural
Website: http://www.bellarmine.edu/studentaffairs/multicultural/

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News and Updates from Around Campus

News from the ARC

Registration for fall 2016 classes begins soon.  Be sure to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan and classes.  You can find your advisor listed on your mybellarmine account.  The dates for registration are listed below:

  • Tuesday, March 29 – Senior Registration
  • Wednesday, March 30 & Thursday, March 31 – Junior Registration
  • Friday, April 1 & Monday, April 4 – Sophomore Registration
  • Tuesday, April 5 & Wednesday, April 6 – Freshmen Registration

If you are considering taking a summer class, your advisor can be helpful in this process also.  Please review the link below for summer half tuition grant information and application.


News from the Career Development Center

Parents are the greatest support in a student’s career development process!

Things you can do to help:

  1. Encourage your student to come to Drop In Advising at the Career Center any Tues. or Thurs. from 10-12pm in Treece 225. We can talk about anything from resume tips to choosing a major or finding an internship.
  2. Ask them if they’re going to the Spring Career Fair on March 10th from 10:30-1pm in the SuRF. There will be over 100 employers with summer jobs, internships, and full-time jobs for recent grads!
  3. Remind them that over 300 jobs and internships are posted on College Central Network right now and they are specifically recruiting Bellarmine students! Go to: collegecentral.com/bellarmine. It’s easy to set up an account if your student doesn’t have one yet.

Thank you for helping your student think about their internship and career opportunities early in their academic journey!

News from the Alumni Association: Ryann Tewell Run/Walk

The Bellarmine Alumni Association is sponsoring a 2.5 mile Bellarmine Run/Walk on Saturday, April 9 at 10:00 am starting from Knights Hall and going around campus and we would love to have students and their families involved!

The run is in memory of former Bellarmine student and alumna, Ryann Tewell who graduated in 2012.  Her family has set up a scholarship here at BU in her honor and the proceeds from the run will go towards supporting future Bellarmine students receiving that scholarship.

Registration is $10 for students and $35 for alumni, faculty, staff, and others which includes a t-shirt. Students can register here: http://bellarmine.imodules.com/runforryannstudentregistration

All others can register here: http://bellarmine.imodules.com/s/62/index.aspx?sid=62&gid=1&pgid=1300&sparam=ryann&scontid=0

News from Campus Ministry:

Ash Wednesday Masses had a record number of students participate this year which promises to be a blessed Lent. Faith-based organizations and Peer Ministry groups are busy, but always open to new members.  In March, most of our efforts are focused on the Alternative Spring Break trips and the Lenten season.  After Easter break, the Indian Utsav (festival) will be April 3 at 3 in Cralle (free and open) ; the Interfaith Seder will be April 6 (tickets required, RSVP to Campus Ministry); Spring retreat to Saint Meinrad is April 9 (free, but RSVP required).

News from Residence Life:

 Current students are in the process of picking their roommates for next year through our new online portal.  Starting March 9th, rising seniors can select their rooms.

Additionally, we welcomed the new staff members this weekend with our staff reveal.  The following students will be a part of our residence life team next year:

McKenzie Ross
Brandon Taylor
Gabriella Smith
Dominique Hunter
Brianna Salinas
Ryan Ward
Zachary Yates
Jill Geiser
Sarah Williams
Courtney Corey
Tanner Mobley
Bethany Padgett
Logan Rauck
Madeline Byrd
Kaleb Blust
Austin Adam
Ellie DeVries
Sarah Russman
Christopher Smith
Caleb Elmore
Nathan Jones
Thomas Massengill
Breeley Rankin
Helen Boeck
Belle Popovich
Molly Stoddart
Abby Durante
Cameron Kirk
Brooke Ashby
Madison Ray
Andrew Hampton
Sam Noffke
Jared Askins
Keneisha Johnson
Sarah Milburn
Breanna Ferguson
Rebecca Watson
Makayla Guice
Ann Naville
Karyssa Vasquez
Erin Gantz
Katie Kehres
Ellie Stoddart
Jake Gourley
Joey Hollingsworth

Getting Involved in March 2016

Encourage your student to check UKnight for more info!

Date Time Title Organization
March 10 6 – 7 pm March Louisville Connections: Break Out! Louisville Connections
March 11 All Day Center for Courageous Kids The Knights’ Way
March 12 9 am- noon Supplies Over Seas SGA
3/12/2016 All Day Center for Courageous Kids The Knights’ Way
3/13/2016 12 – 4 pm Work Day 2 Bellarmine Orientation Team
3/13/2016 4 – 6 pm Animal House Volunteer Day SGA
3/13/2016 All Day Center for Courageous Kids The Knights’ Way
3/14/2016 7 – 9:30 pm Green Week: Wall-E Movie Knight SGA
3/15/2016 11 am- noon Partnerships and Collaboration: RSO Workshop Student Activities
3/15/2016 11 am- noon Live from Louisville Concert Bellarmine Activities Council
3/16/2016 11 am-12:30 pm Green Week: Adopt-A-Plant SGA
3/17/2016 11 am- noon Partnerships and Collaboration: RSO Workshop Student Activities
3/17/2016 11 am-2 pm Green Week: Wheel of Environmentalism SGA
3/17/2016 6:30 – 7:30 pm Volunteers of America: St. Patrick’s Day Party SGA
3/18/2016 5 – 8:30 pm A Knight of Audacity: Women In Leadership 2016 Daily Knight
3/19/2016 8 – 10 pm 1776: The Musical Bellarmine Activities Council
3/19/2016 8 – 10:30 pm 1776: The Musical Bellarmine Activities Council
3/20/2016 10 am – noon Green Week: Hiking Day SGA
3/22/2016 9:30 – 11 pm Late Knight Bingo Bellarmine Activities Council
3/22/2016 8:30 am-3 pm Love the Hungry The Knights’ Way
3/29/2016 2 – 3 pm Colleges Against Cancer Luminaria Bag Sale Colleges Against Cancer

to 3/31/2016

All Day EggQuest Bellarmine Activities Council
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Learning Curve: Creating Balance between Academic and Social Interactions

A large part of the university experience is social in nature, whether that involves organized involvement opportunities or the way students choose to utilize their free time while out of classes. Hanging out with friends in the University Dining Hall, going to the movies with friends, late night gatherings on campus, staying up all night, choosing to hang out with friends instead of studying are just a few of the decisions students have to make on a daily basis. It would seem reasonable to assume that at some point during your student’s time at Bellarmine, he or she will make a decision which he or she may later regret. Perhaps, it will involve forgetting to write a paper, because of all the fun he or she was having hanging out with friends in the residence hall, or turning the alarm off instead of hitting snooze and, ultimately, oversleeping and missing class.  Has panic set in for you as a parent yet?  Don’t sweat it, below you will find a helpful guide to assess whether your student is excelling at academics or socializing.  Best case scenario they have developed a balance between the two.

The first clue of disorder or balance may come as your student completes midterms. Most courses in your students schedule have offered a test or quiz to help them assess how well they are learning the classroom curriculum by this point. Now is a great time to ask your student how he or she may be doing and if there are any classes he or she may be struggling with. Have you had a conversation that sounds like this?

“Hey Mom, I can’t really talk right now, just hanging out with some friends, we’re going to head to the store, and then hang out and watch some television.
“Do you ever study? It sure sounds like you’re doing an awful lot of socializing and fun stuff, you are at Bellarmine to learn.
“Mom, I got this, I am an adult now, I know what I need to do to study, and make good grades.”

The conversation above is not uncommon. Students are working towards complete independence and want to have it all under control. Many times a student will respond to questions they deem as nosey, probing, or invasive with vague answers, which assert their autonomy. If you are faced with such an answer, try rephrasing the questions you ask.  The questions below may come across as more conversational and less invasive.  These questions are meant to probe and open a comfortable conversation about balance between social and academics. Begin with questions similar to the ones listed below.

Questions/conversation starters you could ask:

  1. How much time does a typical class load require?
  2. Do you have any tips on time management?
  3. When have you been the most successful in a class?
  4. How often do your friends study?
  5. What do you think your grades will be like for the semester?
  6. What did you learn this week?
  7. How do you balance fun/social time with academics?

Developing a conversation and dialogue will allow you the ability to gauge more accurately how much time is being spent academically.  It may be that your student is spending ample time academically but chooses to discuss the social side of things more often.  However, it will also be helpful to utilize your parental intuition to sense trouble; after all you have known your child for 17-21 years. Remind them of campus resources such as the Academic Resource Center (ARC), which is a great resource to visit if your student begins to send out an SOS for help.

Encourage your student to socialize but to also evaluate and determine what a balance between academics and socializing looks like.

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Housing Selection Process for Fall 2016

 For the the 2016-2017 academic year, all current residents will have the option to go through the Online Returning Student Housing Selection.  To reserve a housing assignment, each student will be responsible for completing all components of the online process.

Students will have the ability to pay deposits, choose a roommate, and  select a room and meal plan for Fall 2016.  At the end of the selection process, students will know their room and roommate choice for the following year.

Housing Selection Timeline for Fall 2016

January 19th        Students can begin making their $100 room deposit. Each student will need to submit a $100 room deposit to move forward in the selection process. All deposits are due by February 15th.

February 8th        Students can renew their same hall and room if they live in Anniversary, Terzo or Quarto

February 15th     All deposits are due. Students cannot select their roommates until February 26th

March 19th-March 28th    Open Room Selection. During this time students cannot select their housing for next year based on classification priority. Rising Seniors will select their rooms beginning March 19th.

Additional information will be available in January!

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