Opening Thoughts for the New Year: Weathering the Storm Together

Well, BU Knight parents, welcome back! I hope you all were able to spend lots of good quality restful time with your BU students this holiday season. I think the campus administration, faculty, and staff are glad to have the hillsides, walkways, and hallways abuzz with young, excited voices again.

And what excitement there has been! It seems the cosmos has thrown us right into the excitement of a new semester with very little time for re-adjustment. Late Sunday evening, a sprinkler pipe burst in the Kennedy-Newman residence hall, forcing everyone to evacuate. Rest assured, no one was hurt, and the BU residence life staff, in tandem with the student affairs department, has been working very hard to help students weather this faux storm (for further details, please consult the update from Dr. Fred Rhodes, Vice-president for Academic and Student Life, which was sent via email yesterday, or feel free to call Leslie Maxie-Ashford, Director of Residence Life, at 502-473-3101).

According to student responses, it seems like some are frustrated, and some are fairly good-natured about the situation (again, let me assure you, each student affected by the situation is being consulted individually to help get his/her needs met). I send out my silent gratitude to those students and parents who are handling the difficulty with patience and grace. On the other hand, I can empathize with those who are still displaced, frustrated, and worried about their stuff.

I am sure this unexpected accident figuratively (and literally) dampened the students’ enthusiasm about the semester, which is disappointing. This time of the academic year is often the most difficult when it comes to morale: it’s freezing, it’s gray out, and it gets dark at 6pm. However, this also reminded me of something that you learn as you grow up: sometimes the simplest things—the things that we take for granted—can sometimes end up complicated, and we have to push through these gloomy times.

To me, the two best things to be done during the “gray zone” are A) hope for snow and B) try to help each other keep our spirits up. In effort to facilitate “B” (sadly, there’s nothing we can do about “A”), Patrick Englert (Director of Student Engagement) and I have teamed up to co-sponsor a fun e-event. See below…I hope that you will all join us in sharing a little bit of cheer with one another (and the gift card to the bookstore doesn’t hurt, either).

Enter your best hoilday photo of you and your knight, and you could win a $50 bookstore gift card! Just send your pic to parents@bellarmine.edu



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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

2 comments on “Opening Thoughts for the New Year: Weathering the Storm Together

  1. My only frustration over the sprinkler problem is that we did not receive a text message about the problem & evacuation. I would think this was classified as an emergency & parents would have been notified by the school as we have been in the past.

    I know this has been frustrating & confusing for all but we do like to know what is affecting our BU children.

    • Brigit,
      First, thanks for joining me on the blog. It’s always great to hear from parents.

      I empathize with your feelings, and the best recommendation I can give you is that you contact Dr. Fred Rhodes, Vice President of Academic and Student Life, directly (fredr@bellarmine.edu) and express your feelings about the situation.

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