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“So much to do and so little time…”

Hello, folks, and welcome to the second week of school at BU. First, I want to say thanks to those of you who cantacted us regarding the K-New damage/evacuation. We are always gratified to hear from parents, so thanks for taking the time to make your voice heard.

I have to tell you, it’s been tremendously busy so far, and so much is happening on campus this semester. I am really excited for you and your students at all the opportunties and possibilities. As the second week rolled in, I met with freshmen who have decided to make this semester a more successful one. I was inspired by some of the resolve I witnessed. Some have asked parents for help with time management skills; some have thought more carefully about their course choices; and some have really been examining their priorities. I am hopeful for their achievment in the new year.

On other fronts, Patrick Englert (Director of Student Engagement, and the many who brought you the fabulous Family Weekend I hope you all attended) and I have been working together on some great way to get parents involved at BU. we have a lot of great ideas in the hopper, including a really terrific one that I’m just busting to tell you about, but I won’t spoil the surprise (yet). How about you all? What would you like to see happen with parent communications and involvement?

Hey, be sure to check your newsletters for important dates and other great info. The FAFSA is due March 15th, and the Financial Aid office is here to help. It’s time for students to be thinking about housing for next fall, summer internships, and Homecoming Week (Febraury 20th). We are rolling quickly toward a time when it will be bright and springy and full of new things for you and your students. I hope you can all make the most of these opportunties.

Lastly, I beg of you, please submit great holiday photos to  our new parent email, parents@bellarmine.edu. As you might have noticed, Patrick and I have sacrificed our dignity for your participation. Please don’t make our loss a vain one. You might win a $50 goft card to the bookstore!

Also, Patrick has a great contest happening on the facebook page. Share your resolution and you could win $15 to the bookstore. Just type it on the wall.

Whew! That’s a lot already. Happy weekend!

Jessica Hume, c/o 2005
Director of Writing and Parent Communications, ARC


About Cassie

I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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