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What’s my motivation?/Big, exciting news!

Well, BU Parents, it’s late on a Friday here on campus, and I expect our elusive and mysterious snowy stormfront–I hear we can expect anything from 1 inch to 1 foot–to arrive shortly. I know may students were hoping for a snow day, but the snow came a bit too late.

This week, I’ve been meeting with some students who struggled getting adjusted last semester, and that, coupled with the possibility of a snow day, has made time management a prevalent thought for me this week. One of my professors in college used to say, “When you get unexpected free time, promise yourself that you’ll use half of it for fun, and half of it for work. That way, you’ll always feel good about it.” It’s advice I still follow, and advice I have passed on in the last several days.

Many students claim that acquiring new time management skills is the most difficult part of adjusting to college. I have spent parts of my week asking probing questions about how much time they spend on studying, social stuff, sports, on facebook/the computer, etc. I have learned a great deal. Many of them seem to have clear concepts of how to manage time and create structure for themselves. It’s the follow-through where they struggle.

In these cases, I’ve turned the probing questions toward the topic of motivation, always asking the student to focus on what they want to accomplish, in order to help them cement the mental link between planning and achievement. It will be a while before they see their plans come to fruition, which just adds to the challenge. What about you, BU parents? What motivates your student? How do you help your Knight stay motivated?

 AND NOW…here is the moment I get to reveal to you the exciting news I’ve been hinting at for the last two weeks. Patrick Englert and I are both very proud to bring you…(drumroll, please)…the First Annual BUParents’ Homecoming Bash! Our goal has been to give parents a more personal expereinece of BU tradition, pride, and fun, so we hope you’ll join us for this great event. Expect an inviation in the mail soon, or contact one of us for details (see below). Happy weekend!

First Annual BU Parents’ Homecoming Bash
Click here to purchase tickets and join us!

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

To purchase tickets, click here.Join us for the first BU Parents’ Bash, where you can be part of the fun, create memories and show your BU pride. Parents’ Bash party package is $25 per person. Children 12 and under are free. Full agenda is listed below.

11AM-1PM Check-in, Frazier Hall
11:30AM-12:30PM Student and Parent Lunch/Welcome, Frazier Hall
1PM BU vs. Maryland Lacrosse, Owsley B. Frazier Stadium
*Coffee, tea, and cocoa at halftime, Anniversary Hall
5-8PM Parent and Alumni Tailgating, Frazier Hall
*Food and festive drink will be provided
*Late check in from 5-6pm (Frazier Hall)
5:45 PM Women’s Homecoming Basketball Game, Knights Hall
8PM Men’s Homecoming Basketball Game, Knights Hall

To purchase tickets, click here.We look forward to seeing you! Note: Registration and payment for this event closes on February 12th.

For questions, concerns, and further information, please email parents@bellarmine.edu or contact Patrick Englert, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Engagement, or Jessica Hume, Director of the Writing Center and Parent Communications.Jessica Hume
(502) 452-8073

Patrick Englert
(502) 452-8323

Any parents and families planning to arrive after the lacrosse game may check in and pick up their basketball game tickets in Frazier Hall from 5-6pm.

If you’re coming for the Parents’ Bash, why not make a weekend of it? There’s plenty to do in our fair city, Louisville, KY, and a variety of accomodations near the Bellarmine community.

Things to do… (links to museums, parks, galleries), click here.Places to stay…click here.


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