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What Do You Want to Know?

Hey Knight parents! I’m back. I didn’t abandon you (I couldn’t do that to my loyal readers!) I took a little spring break myself, back when your students did, and then I got wrapped up in the 4Cs conference (Conference on College Composition and Communication—bear in mind that the other facet of my job is teaching writing). But now I am blogging once again, and with lots of exciting things to say.

In the last couple weeks, students have been in the process of registering for fall courses. I address this topic further in the latest parent newsletter (check your inboxes Monday at 9ish), but I just want you to be armed with a few facts if they come to you with any anxiety:

1)      Every single student received an email with registration instructions via his or her BU email.

2)      Every student has access to a hard copy of the Fall 2010 Class Schedule (students call it “the newspaper thingy with all the classes in it”), which details all courses and also registration instructions. You can also access the course schedule online, here.

3)      Every freshman received an email identifying his or her new advisor (most of you will remember that in February your froshers were matched with advisors in the department to which they have committed).

4)      Students can change their schedules anytime over the summer by going to their my.bellarmine page…(see #5)

5)      …and students should feel free to call, email, or come visit advisors in the ARC throughout the end of the year and the summer if they have any questions or concerns (they probably should do this before independently making any drastic changes to next year’s plan).

Ok, so I think that covers registration, yes? Let’s move on to something really exciting. For the final edition of the parent newsletter, I am creating a podcast. The podcast will be linked to the newsletter, so you can click and download it to your desktop, laptop, mobile device, or MP3 player. However, my burgeoning technological skill is not the exciting part: the exciting part is that the podcast will be an interview with none other than BU’s president, Dr. Joseph J. McGowan (click here for some background information on Dr. McGowan), and with Vision 20/20 in full swing, he’s a busy guy. As an alum, I can think of tons of things I’d like to ask Dr. McGowan, but this is about you—BU parents!

So here’s my question: what do you want to hear about from Dr. McGowan? Leave a comment, send a message via facebook, or email parents@bellarmine.edu


About Cassie

I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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