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Where did this year go?

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the academic year. This weekend, the first batch of incoming freshmen will be on campus for their first big BU event: SOAR. They will get registered, meet their advisors, take tours, and learn about resources. I’ll be here to welcome the newest BU Knight parents.

This week, I have a special message for the parents of students who are now, officially, “rising sophomores,” (as opposed to freshmen, because, like I said, as of tomorrow, they’re being replaced by the newbies). This message is from the Dean of Academic Advising, Dr. Catherine Sutton, and it really applies to all students, but especially to the new sophomores. Without further ado…Dr. Sutton:

Most freshmen will return home for summer; if they’re lucky they will get a job, make some money for the next academic year. Maybe they’ll take a class or two at a nearby college or university. Undoubtedly, they’ll get reconnected with high school friends.  They’ll undoubtedly say that they can’t believe that their first year of college is over.

                Bellarmine is open year round.  If students suddenly question their choice of major or about their financial aid package, or their housing, all of the appropriate offices are open throughout the summer.  The most important guideline to remember is to urge students NOT to make decisions until they speak with someone in a position to know the full range of options.  Often students just suppose something to be the case about financial aid or about academic choices without checking with the appropriate office, and they are terribly mistaken.

                Throughout the summer the ARC will be communicating with next year’s sophomores through emails and Facebook about the challenges and opportunities of sophomore year in order to help students prepare for a set set of experiences, for second year is surely not just a repeat of the first.  We will send students videos and emails over the summer helping them prepare for success in their second year. We’ll also encourage students with academic questions to contact us by phone or to drop in for a discussion if they live close enough.

                Finally, we encourage students who believe they’re behind in their major or lack the thirty hours required to be a sophomore to take a summer class.  At Bellarmine we can offer these students a 50% summer tuition grant for at least one, and possibly two, classes.

-Dr. Catherine Sutton, Dean of Academic Advising

In short, don’t let your students forget about us! We’re here for them all year long!

Jessica Hume, BU c/o 2005
Director of Writing and Parent Communications


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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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