Advice to Help Your Student Hit the Ground Running, FA10

At the last SOAR session, a parent asked a panel a very good question: “What can we do to help prepare our students to hit the ground running in the fall? This is a great question, so I solicited advice from campus experts to pass along to you all.

“I would suggest that the students read good articles about taking and organizing notes.  Many of my students last year had technical devices to help with this, like recorders that could be downloaded into the computer to create text notes, software to create flash cards etc. I think that reading about this could encourage some excitement about participating in class.”

 -Ann Zeman, Director of Career Development

 “I think [parents should have] intentional conversations about expectations and reality, asking their student what they hope college/university will be like, and then challenging these ideas with the counter concept. 

 I also like the idea of parents promoting appreciation of the whole experience, not just pieces of elements.  For example, don’t just look at classes as hours to complete, but really appreciate and explore the content.”

 Patrick Englert, Director of Student Engagement

  *On a “nuts and bolts” level, Patrick also recommends that parents purchase a good alarm clock and ask students to start conditioning themselves to wake up in time for classes, before they even get to school. Also, be sure to review Laundry 101.

 “Keep them reading.”

 -Carole Pfeffer, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

2 comments on “Advice to Help Your Student Hit the Ground Running, FA10

  1. Helpful Hint: Look into having books for the first day of class. Makes life easier for your student.

    • Dawna,
      GREAT advice. I’ll take it a step further: you can order your books online through the BU bookstore. Bookstore manager, Nicole Waldo, says that next Friday, you’ll also be able to see which ones are rent-able (a cheaper option) and/or used, so she recommends waiting until then (I can just see you all, eagerly jumping online first thing Friday morning to nab a deal. Go for it!)
      Also, after the first week or so of classes is over, the bookstore sends back any extra books for courses. So if your student stalls or procrastinates, he/she may find that there are no books left for his/her class. The books can still be ordered, of course, but would you want your student to be without the book for 3+ class meetings during the first critical weeks?
      Other helpful hints and/or questions?

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