Coming to a Crossroads???

Hello parents,

     It looks like a lot of you checked out my blog about how to help your students hit the ground running. I will try to include more info like that if it’s helpful to you. Please let me know what other subjects you’d be interested in hearing about. I blog for you!

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. We’re almost a month from the beginning of classes, and less than a month from the day you will drop your student off for college orientation (now is a good time to re-read those poems I posted in earlier blogs…and head to Target for supplies). You’ve heard about your student’s orientation, Crossroads, but soon you will also hear about Parent Crossroads (you blog readers are getting a special sneak preview from Yours Truly).

Now, we are  not going to take you out to a camp for three days and  have team-building activities or talk around the campfire (although, if you ask me, that kinda sounds like fun). What we are going to do is have you stay on campus for a couple hours after you drop your student off for Crossroads (say goodbye at the door–though you’ll still be on campus, you won’t see them again after that).

Why? You ask. What will I learn at Parent Crossroads that I didn’t learn at SOAR? Lots. First, you’ll learn about Millenial students (your students are part of the Millenial generation, and their college experinece is wildly different than yours or mine. Go ahead, Google it. “Millenial Generation.” You’ll find out all kinds of fascinating things that you probably didn’t know before) and parenting them through college. You’ll have the opportunity to learn in-depth about resources particular to your student (residence life, commuter services), and you’ll get the inside scoop from us about how the college adjustment may be different for sons as opposed to daughters, and vice versa.

Also, the bookstore will be open after Parent Crossroads, so you can go over there and get your student’s book purchases taken care of.

And, there’s a free breakfast (this gets better and better, doesn’t it?)

It’s only a few hours, and you’re already here, so come get a bagel, learn about your student’s college experiences, and but their books while you’re at it.

The ARC has decades of collective experience with this, and I can tell you that every college parent, at some time the first year, gets thrown a curveball; we’re here to help you turn it into a homerun (or at least a base hit–’tis the season for baseball analogies).

For more about college orientations, check out this article from the Associated Press http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/38112971/ns/today-parenting/

Jessica Hume, c/o 2005
Director of Writing and Parent Communications, ARC


About Cassie

I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

4 comments on “Coming to a Crossroads???

  1. sounds like a good time.

  2. Could you give us some times for the Parents Crossroads. Need to make arrangements as we are coming in on a Sunday to deposit the student. Will information be forthcoming in the mail?

  3. Hello,
    I am unfortunately not going to be able to come to the parent Crossroads/orientation event due to
    surgery – is there something you could share with me upon the completion please? THANK YOU!!

    my daughter is Kristie Justice and she’s moving in tomorrow.

    • Hey Teresa,
      I remember seeing you, so…glad you could make it! To answer your question–and a question I’ve gotten from a lot of parents–most of the info presented at Crossroads will be available soon via the “Transitions 101” section of the BU Parents Page on the website.

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