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Give your Knight the best Valetine’s gift ever…

Summer school.

Wait! Don’t click away just yet! I know this isn’t the most appealing gift idea, but think about it: you could help your student, a) get ahead and graduate early (or add enrichment to his/her current four-year plan), b) catch up is s/he stumbled academically this year, c) improve his/her GPA, and have lots of other great effects enumerated by my guest blogger, Erica Osborne, Developmental Advisor for the ARC. Forget chocolates–this really is the gift that keeps on giving. Take it away, Erica…

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve almost reached the mid-point of the Spring semester! And though the semester doesn’t end until early May, now is a great time for students to start thinking about what they plan to do with their summer vacation. Though some students may be in need of a good, long break before the Fall 2011 semester rolls around, many students choose to spend their “breaks” by taking summer courses. And given the tremendous grades that we see  produced by summer school attendance, for many students spending their summer in the classroom, rather than  spending the summer on the couch watching Jersey Shore marathons, taking summer courses may have positive impact on a student’s academic career.  

 Why Summer School?

•              Can help to improve a student’s GPA

•              Helps students get caught up if they changed majors

•              Allows a student to focus on a challenging course

 When are summer classes offered?

Summer courses at Bellarmine are offered in four sessions:

•              Term I (3 weeks) May 9 – May 26

•              Term II (5 weeks) May 31 – June 30

•              Term III (5 weeks) July 5 – August 4 

•              Term IV (10 weeks) May 31 – August 4

When can my student register for summer courses?

Registration for summer courses begins on March 21.

Where can I view the summer schedule?

The list of all summer courses is available online at http://www.bellarmine.edu/Libraries/summer_docs/Summer_School_2011_Catalog.sflb.ashx.

 Is there any financial assistance available for summer classes?

•              Yes!! Freshmen, or upperclassmen that have had academic difficulties, can apply for half-off tuition grants for 1 or 2 summer classes. Check out the criteria for the grant on the Summer Half-Tuition Grant Application at http://www.bellarmine.edu/Libraries/ARC_Docs/Summer_Grant_Application.sflb.ashx.

•              Information about financial aid for the summer can be found at www.bellarmine.edu/financialaid or your student can stop by the Office of Financial Aid (located on the second floor of Horrigan Hall) for more information.

Can my student live on campus during the summer?

Students enrolled in a summer course also have the opportunity to live on campus if:

•              They are enrolled in at least 1 summer session;

•              They are pre-registered for Fall 2011 unless they are a graduating senior; and/or

•              They are completing an internship for class credit and/or degree requirement.

Campus housing rates are $100 per week for double occupancy and $150 per week for single occupancy (when available). Summer residents will remain in their Spring 2011 assigned rooms until rooms are prepared for summer, and will begin relocation the week of May 7. Summer assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Questions on summer housing can be addressed to the Department of Housing & Residence Life at 502-272-7272.

Can my student take a summer class at another institution?

Students can take summer classes at other institutions, with approval from the Office of the Registrar. Instructions on how to receive approval for taking a summer course at another institution can be found at: www.bellarmine.edu/arc/.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have further questions?

Contact the Academic Resource Center at 502.272.7400 or by email at eosborne@bellarmine.edu.


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