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Meet Us at the CROSSROADS!

Knight Parents!

I am so excited to be writing you this blog today! (and I swear it has very little to do with the half-pot of Hazelnut coffee I consumed before lunch). Now is the time when we students have detached themselves a bit from their identities as high schoolers and are beginning to focus on the fantastic thrill of starting college life. Parents are starting to engage simultaneously with these students and get geared up for fall. It’s a big deal. And, as usual, I am feeling vicarious excitement from both groups.

As part of that excitement, I have invited a  of new guest bloggers over the course of the next couple weeks.

The first blogger is Sarah Fromm, Director of Orientation and Leadership, a.k.a the mastermind behind the student orientation known as Crossroads. Those of you who were at Knight U will remember Sarah speaking about Crossroads. I just wanted her to have this opportunity to tell you a bit more about the program and why it’s so important for all students. Without further ado…Sarah.

(L-R) Sarah Fromm, Jamie Muir (CREW leader), and Elizabeth Cassady (Director of Student Activities)

Crossroads:  Uncharted Territory.

Do I have to go?

You have to go.
You must go.
You need to go.
You WANT to go.

As the director of the Crossroads program, I understand every ounce of hesitation and fear that new students face when they are told that orientation attendance is required of all students.  College can be a scary and intimidating land, and Crossroads is the first step across the border into somewhere they have never been before.  I understand.

While the reasoning behind Crossroads can sometimes get lost when explaining to a high school student, there actually is quite a bit of thought, consideration, and months of preparation that go into every session.  It is an opportunity for
students to shake off those fears and anxieties and get excited about the next four years of their lives.  This is accomplished through icebreakers, presentations, activities, and small group time with an upperclassmen leader.  Students enjoy free time, movies, games, campfires, and meals together.  All the while, getting information about important resources, campus life, traditions, and most importantly meeting their fellow classmates.

The experience of Crossroads is something that cannot be replaced or recreated.  The small groups that they are in are also the same students who will be in their Freshman Focus class for the fall semester.  It is a time to bond and connect with those who will be on the Bellarmine journey with them.  Small group leaders help to make this time anxiety-free and completely relaxed.

I am excited to see each and every one of your students there, and cannot emphasize enough what a critical experience this is for each student to participate in.  It is tradition, it is fun, it is Bellarmine.  Encouraging your student to get excited to go to Crossroads will not only help them, but it will help you by making the transition to college easier, easing any worries or questions
that they may have, and helping them to feel even more welcome in their new home.  Let’s be a team in this effort.  We all want each student to succeed, and encouraging students to WANT to go to Crossroads is the first step.

As a popular song once sang, “See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads.  So you won’t be lonely.”

THANKS Sarah! BU Parents, tune in next week for a blog from Patrick Englert, my Parent Programs cohort and Sarah’s partner in crime for orchestrating Knight Life, the three-day, on campus orientation between move-in day and the first day of school (Also critical to your new Knight’s adjustment and success!)

Jessica Hume
c/0 2005
Director of Writing and Parent Communications


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