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    We are getting tons and tons of questions about BOOKS!. So, in order to get those answered for you, I have asked our wonderful booktore manager, Nicole Waldo, to guest blog. Nicole…

Questions have been coming in about textbooks: where do we get them? how much are they? what if we have financial aid? can we rent them? what about ebooks? So many questions! We have compiled the the most common answers below-

Q: Where do we get textbooks?

A: Textbooks are available now at the Bellarmine Bookstore. Store location and hours are available at www.bellarmine.bkstr.com . Order books online or come into the bookstore and shop in person.

Q: How do I know which book to buy?

A: The bookstore and the bookstore website are organized by Department and Course Number. All you need is the student’s course schedule to shop in the bookstore or online.

Q: What about all the choices: used, new, rental, ebook, codes?

A: At the bookstore website, prices will only be listed for the exact item available. See our definitions listed below.

USED: about 25% off the price of a new book. These will have highlighting, underlining, and gently used covers.

NEW: Brand new items. crisp corners. some items will be shrinkwrapped.

RENTAL: About a third of the titles used on campus are rentable. They cost about half off the price of a new book. These items are due back the last day of finals (due date prints on receipt). Customers can rent new or used books.

EBOOK: eBooks are available for many classes. They will be listed as an option along with the other books, when available.

CODES: some professors use codes (“Access Code”, “Connect Plus code”, etc). These are only available new. They are available from the bookstore along with other course materials.

Q: When do we buy textbooks?

A: Fall books are now available in the bookstore. Customers who shop early online or inthe books generally have the best selection of new books. Don’t wait. Go ahead and order books now, online, and choose “In Store Pickup” (Free shipping) as the shipping option. Your student can simply stop by the bookstore and pick up the order when they come to campus in August.

Q: What about using financial aid?

A: The bookstore does accept the Bellarmine Campus Card as tender. Accounts must be set up in advance through the Bellarmine Bursar’s Office. Once money has been added to the campus card, it can be used to make purchases in the bookstore and at the booktore website. Note: Dining Plans cannot be spent in the bookstore.

For more questions on text books, contact the bookstore at:

Bellarmine University Bookstore

Horrigan Hall




Thanks, Nicole! Parents, keep those questions coming and I’ll have Nicole come back and answer them if necessary.

Jessica Hume
Bu c/o 2005
Director of Writing and Parent Communications


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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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