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So Your Kid Wants to Come to BU?

OK folks,

     It’s come to my attention that, while most of my regular readers are current BU parents, now is the time of year when prospective Bellarmine parents are cruising the web, looking for inside info, and they often stumble across this blog. So I figured, let’s give them the info they’re looking for. 

I asked current BU parents (via our Bellarmine University Parent Programs facebook page–find us!) to share the advice they would give to parents of high schoolers who are currently checking out BU (and other schools). Here are some major themes that emerged, and some quotes directly from some of our most well-known Bellarmoms and BUDads.

1) Trust your student’s instincts-“If [your child] does not feel comfortable, they will not do well, not matter how you feel about the place. Guide, do not push.”

2) Observe your student’s reaction-WATCH and LISTEN to your student carefully during visits and college exploration. The decision you’re both making is critical and “you know your child best.”

3) Visit, visit, visit (do an overnight visit if you can)-“My daughter was able to see firsthand what life as a BU student would be like…after the overnight visit, she knew BU was right for her and that August wasn’t going to come soon enough!”

4) Look for places where your student is treated like a person, not a number-“For us, trust began when she was treated like she mattered.”

5) Dig deeper and get more information about academics-“Make appointments and speak directly with departments heads from various programs in the student’s area(s) of interest. At first pass, BU was not on top of our list … it was only after additional investigation at BU and other institutions that BU rose to the top.”

“We scheduled a visit. We talked to the dept. head (which was a BIG deciding factor).”

6) Don’t underestimate the power of “small”-Many parents noted that their students had, for a long time, desired a college experience at big state schools like UK and IU, but after visiting BU and experiencing the true nature of personal attention, their feelings changed, and that now, as students, the personal relationships to other students, faculty, and staff, are things they thrive on.

7) Don’t worry about the price tag (for now)-“I did not feel like it was a financial fit but allowed her to apply. Scholarships were great.”

“Out of state was never really a consideration. Next thing we know he gets a great financial aid package that put BU in the running with several other schools.”

“When you look at the cost to attend Bellarmine, don’t let that number scare you off and prevent you from considering it as a serious option. You won’t pay anywhere near that anyway, so for the time being…ignore the numbers. Bellarmine can still be an affordable option even if you don’t qualify for Pell Grant because 100% of incoming freshman will get institutional aid.”

Here are a few other things they had to say about BU–

“…the stand out was Bellarmine’s growth plan for the future. The proud school tradition stands for itself. So happy to be a BU KNIGHT!”

“I told everyone that Bellarmine had her at hello…………….She had me with her smile.”

“My daughter always said she wasn’t going to be like her brother…sucked in after only one college visit…but HELLO it felt perfect and she knew it! This family “bleeds blue” but after our visit to Bellarmine…she cancelled her campus visit to UK and hasn’t looked back 🙂 She thrives on the home-like atmosphere, small class sizes and personal attention from staff and faculty. Can’t thank everyone at BU enough for making her feel special…like you all are happy she’s there, important feeling! ♥”

“One trip down, just to see what the school was like, and we all fell in love. End of story. He has become involved, well-known, well liked, and LOVES his college experience at BU. He is determined to leave his mark on BU as well as the other way around. His enthusiasm for BU is contagious!”

“I would LOVE to be a parent Advocate for BU!! This has been one of the greatest choices we have ever made as a family!”

This is all real-life, real-time information from current BU parents (mostly parents of freshmen). They’ll be the first to tell you that BU isn’t perfect, but it is pretty awesome. And we’re happy to handle any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you have other questions about BU? Let me know. Or better yet, find us on facebook and ask our current parents for yourself.

Jessica Hume
Director of Writing and Parent Communications
BU Class of 2005



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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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