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Getting into the Groove?

Yesterday, students enjoyed a concert by David Jester during the “Welcome Back, BU” luncheon at UDH organized by the student-run Bellarmine Activities Council.

Despite the music, are students getting into the groove of college life and academics? From the perspective of the ARC, it seems that many are. After the chaos of last minute schedule changes during drop/add, a quiet calm (and a light drizzle) has settled over campus on this Friday—-the last day in August and the day before the long Labor Day holiday weekend.

For instance, today I got to speak with Don Osborne’s IDC 150, an honors freshman seminar course, about writing and the Writing Center (in the ARC). The attitude and aura couldn’t have been more typical of a college classroom.

As a parent, you might be eagerly wondering how your student is getting along at Bellarmine, but your son or daughter may not seem too eager to rehash all the mundane (to them!) details. Instead of asking “How’s it going?”, try opening up the discussion by asking open-ended, yet pointed, questions such as: “What is your favorite class so far?” “What are you reading right now for English/IDC?” “How are you getting involved on campus?” “What has been your biggest challenge so far?” “What do you do in Freshman Focus class?”

You might find that the reluctant talker will have more to say if given a starting point!


About Cassie

I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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