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Is your student a future APA or RA that ResLife is looking for?

Photo credit: BU APAs facebook page

Photo credit: BU APAs facebook page

From time to time, I’ll invite guest bloggers to provide another prospective for parents. Today, Hannah Piechowski, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, wants to get the word out that she’s currently looking for some eager, and maybe not even self-acknowledged yet, leaders of Bellarmine’s campus. APAs (Academic Peer Advocates) and RAs (Resident Assistants) contribute much overall to campus culture and individually to each resident under their direction. In addition, RAs are compensated with a single room, a meal plan, and a small monthly stipend. APAs are compensated with APAs a room and a semester stipend. Here’s what Hannah has to say:

At the beginning of every calendar year, I begin the journey of searching for talented, dynamic, and responsible undergraduates who are looking for an impressive and challenging leadership position on Bellarmine’s campus.  But, I also look for the students who have these characteristics but are not fully aware of their potential yet.  I look for sparks of energy and passion, consistency in loving interaction, and of genuine concern.  I look for the humble, strong, and charismatic students… these are the ones that I want to work with and develop into leaders of peers.  I have found time and time again, that these are the students who are applying and searching for opportunities not because they want to be leaders, but because they have the ability to truly be leaders.

The jobs of Resident Assistant and Academic Peer Advocate are difficult; I will not delude that reality.  They require willingness to go beyond one’s comforts and reach out to peers and friends, and an unwavering dedication to what is just and right.  They require responsibility in thought and action, and organization.  Great organization!  And if they don’t quite have that yet, we help them get there.  Most of all, working within Residence Life means working with your friends, your family, and your community.  We embrace this idea from the moment we start training together, knowing that we are working for the good of each other in our academics and in our day to day living.

I love working with our staff.  They make me bust out laughing regularly!!  They challenge my thought process and make me a better person.  And it is so COOL to know that if they are having that kind of impact on me, that they are doing the same thing for their residents.  So, I am now looking for our future staff: the comics, the empathetic types, the humble and noble students, and the leaders who have it engrained in their souls.  If you see any of my future staff and family, please send them our way.


Hannah Piechowski ‘07

Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life

(Applications are available for the 2013-2014 RA and APA positions at http://www.bellarmine.edu/studentaffairs/residence/resemployment.aspx)


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