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Four Ways to Prepare for Finals Over Thanksgiving Break

The name “Thanksgiving Break” is probably a misnomer — when students return from “break” there are only three days of classes left before finals. Finals begin Friday, December 5. It’s important for students to keep this in mind and plan accordingly to keep up with academics while spending time with family and friends during Thanksgiving Break.

Here are a four basic recommendations:

1. Bring home all books and notes over Thanksgiving Break.

2. Create a “finals inventory” including:

  • When are the finals scheduled? It’s important to know what the layout of finals week will be– finals are scheduled at different times than classes to allow for more time to take the tests.
  • How much of a course’s overall grade depends on the final exam? This information will be on the course syllabus.
  • What will the exam cover?  Some finals are cumulative, meaning they cover all the material for the semester. Others cover only the material from the last portion of the class.

3. Make a study schedule for the week following break. Solid organization is crucial, especially for students who have two exams on one day.  Often it’s difficult for freshmen to study for more than one subject at a time, but they must tackle multiple classes, especially if they have all their exams in three days.

4. Locate, review, and organize all of the materials for each class stuffed into folders. Find the old quizzes, handouts, homework problems, and any other information that they have for classes.

Some students may need to go further and begin more in-depth studying over Thanksgiving break, but even without devoting all of one’s time over break to studying, following the tips above with help students manage once the break is over!


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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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