No need for the tape measure.

According to Lauren Keeling, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admission, this time of summer inevitably brings questions from incoming parents and students regarding Residence Hall specifics: dimensions of rooms and amenities. Further, some families have even requested to stop in and formally survey a future room. Lauren explains that coming to campus and personally surveying a student’s potential room is not typically an option because most rooms are currently occupied by those participating in summer courses and programming on campus.

In lieu of seeing a room in person, we have several online resource provided for those of you who want to help your future Knight iron out the details. Though, extremely meticulous planning probably isn’t necessary. Remember, the living environment is important, but it must serve the function of enhancing the student’s educational experience. Here are some resources provided by Admissions and the Department of Residence Life to help you and your student logistically plan for the move.

Amenities broken down by hall are here. It is worth noting that all halls/rooms include: carpet, AC/heat, wireless internet, twin XL beds, desks/chairs, closet/wardrobes, vending/ice machines, recreational areas, study areas, lounges with TVs, study spaces, computer labs, microwaves, refrigerators, and laundry facilities. All halls, as well as campus, are smoke free.

While you’re at the link above, you can click on each hall and see a photo of a student room. This will give you a good idea of how much “stuff” will fit. There are many more photos of the halls (including a bathroom in Siena Quarto), in this album on the Bellarmine Admissions facebook page.

Remember to keep things in perspective– you’re only planning for 10 months, not a lifetime.

  • Collaborate with the roommate(s) to see if some items are sharable. Roommate assignments have been mailed to students’ home addresses.
  • Wait until everything is moved in to buy extras. There is only so much space!
  • If possible, have your son or daughter live for a few weeks to see what is truly needed. Labor day weekend is a good time to stock up if needed.

Finally, Residence Life publishes a handy Move-in Guide that outlines the specifics of moving into a Bellarmine Residence Hall, from checking in as a family on August 16, to your student living with a roommate, to safety and security.

Happy packing!


About Cassie

I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

2 comments on “No need for the tape measure.

  1. I had to really laugh at this post because of the validity and timing! I was JUST THERE ON CAMPUS YESTERDAY looking for the dimensions of the room windows in Siena Quarto and inquiring if I need to buy a shower curtain!! LOL Just yesterday, I kid you not…. 🙂 BTW, they said the shower curtains are provided…… and they weren’t sure about the window but I’m figuring there will be blinds of some sort.

    I wanted to see a room as well but YOU WERE RIGHT ON THE DOT, the rooms are not available to look at right now, I need to cool my heels….

    Thanks for the timely chuckle. At least I know for sure, I am not alone!!! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you found it helpful/funny! Good luck with the packing and preparing for Bellarmine!

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