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Q & A with Bellarmine’s Tutor Coordinator, Maureen McCoy

Maureen McCoy stands in Bellarmine's new space for scheduled tutoring sessions.

Maureen is in Bellarmine’s new space for scheduled tutoring sessions.

Bellarmine’s Tutor Coordinator, Maureen McCoy, who is beginning her second year in the position, graciously took a break from her busy schedule to explain a little more about what peer tutoring is at Bellarmine.

Just give us the basics.

The Academic Resource Center, known as the ARC, is home to Bellarmine’s Tutoring Center, where free peer tutoring is available to all students in many 100-, 200-, and some 300-level courses.  The center is located on the B-level of the W.L. Lyons Brown Library. Tutoring takes the form of large group weekly sessions, or individual and small group scheduled sessions (made by appointment only).

What do you mean by “peer tutoring”?

Our tutors are Bellarmine upperclassmen who are trained to lead group or individual tutoring sessions and who excelled in the courses for which they are tutoring.  They can assist students in improving their general study skills and critical thinking skills. Our goal is to help students improve their learning experiences in all of their classes, not just the ones we tutor!

How is tutoring in college different from tutoring in high school?

Tutoring in high schools is often associated with remediation or getting caught up on homework. Tutoring in college is a tool that students can use to be proactive about their success right from the beginning of the semester. Regular meetings with tutors or attendance at weekly sessions can help students stay on top of material and improve their understanding. Typically, college classes move at a faster pace and students are expected to know material more in-depth.

What are some other benefits of tutoring?

Tutors can answer your student’s course content questions and help students figure out how to study or prepare for classes. They are trained to be able to help with things like time management, handling stress, taking better notes, and reading textbooks. Our tutors are here to help students become more independent learners, meaning that we want them to develop skills that will help them succeed throughout their academic careers, not just in Calculus or Anatomy.

This all sounds great! How do students access tutoring?

Students enrolled in courses that have weekly group sessions are informed about the time, day, and location through their Bellarmine email accounts. Students do not need to sign up in advance for these—they can attend whenever they choose.

Students enrolled in courses for which scheduled tutoring is available will also receive an email with information on how to request an appointment (which can also be found on our website). So encourage your students to keep up with their email!


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