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Summer Study Abroad Opportunities – From the International Programs Office

Does your student want to study abroad, but he or she is nervous about being away for a semester? Are there commitments keeping him or her from being away for a whole semester? Then a summer study abroad program is a great fit! Bellarmine offers many short-term summer study abroad options for our students. These programs are typically between three and five weeks in length, earning three to six credit hours at a reduced rate or no cost, and varying in cost from $3000 to $6000 (this normally includes airfare, accommodation, some meals and excursions, insurance, etc.). It is a great option for General Electives, General Education courses (especially IDC 301), requirements in the major or minor, or to add study options and expand an academic area not available on our campus.

There are currently two Bellarmine Faculty-Led Summer programs planned for 2015. These programs start on campus and then continue abroad with a field study component.

Dominican Republic – at Bellarmine University June 26 – June 8 and then June 17 – July 30 during which the students complete the didactic portion of Nursing Process with Children and half of their pediatric clinicals at Kosair Children’s Hospital – in the Dominican Republic June 9 through June 16 during which the students complete the other half of their pediatric clinicals and all of the clinicals for Community and Public Health Nursing (the didactic portion for this course will be continued in the fall 2015 semester) – Prof. Pat McEachron – Students complete 4.5 credit hours through this program.

Peru – at Bellarmine University May 11 – 14 and then in Peru May 15 – 30 for the field school portion – Natural Resources of Peru – Dr. Kate Bulinski and Dr. Randy Strobo – Peruvian Languages and Cultures – Prof. Sarah Neal – both courses are cross-listed as InterDisciplinary Course (IDC) 301 (a General Education requirement for all majors). These courses count for 3 credit hours each and students may take one or both courses.

The Bellarmine Faculty-Led programs have a Priority Deadline of December 1, 2014, which, if met, will put them in a drawing to win a $250 deduction from their program cost. The final deadline is January 15, 2015. The courses for both programs are offered at a 50% tuition reduction for normal summer courses taught on campus.

Bellarmine’s main SUMMER study abroad options are via the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (www.ccsa.cc) and Kentucky Institute of International Studies (www.kiis.org). CCSA offers programs in English-speaking destinations such as the London, Ireland and Scotland. All courses are taught in English. KIIS offers study options in non-English speaking countries. Popular sites include the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan and Austria. Apart from language courses, all courses are taught in English.

The following Bellarmine faculty members are teaching courses this summer with CCSA or KIIS. The courses are cross-listed as InterDisciplinary Course (IDC) 301 (a General Education requirement for all majors):


Ireland EarlyMedicine and the Body in Irish Literature– Prof. Jessica Hume

LondonOur Concept of Mind & How British Psychology Shaped It – Dr. Tom Wilson

London Photography in Britain– Prof. Laura Hartford

London – Theater—Shakespeare in Performance—Prof. Carol Stewart

London Exploring the World’s Approach and Response to Aging: Healthy Living– Dr. Kathy Hager

LondonKeep Calm and carry On: Life in Great Britain During World War II– Dr. Amy Tudor and Prof. Renee Culver

CCSA has two deadlines. Apply by February 7, 2015 and receive $100 off the program cost. The final CCSA deadline is February 21, 2015. There is a $100 credit transfer fee for all CCSA courses.


Spain IExperiencing Spanish Abroad: Spanish Theatre – Dr. Nelson Lopez

Mexico Bilingualism in the Hispanic World – Mexico – Prof. Alexandra Morales Reyes

Mexico Advanced Oral Spanish: Phonology and Pronunciation – Prof. Alexandra Morales Reyes

Austria Intermediate German Conversation Abroad – Prof. Laurie LeCompte

Germany Hitler and Nazi Germany – Dr. Tim Welliver

Germany Topics in History: Germany, Europe, and the Cold War – Dr. Tim Welliver

KIIS also has two deadlines. Apply by January 20, 2015 and receive $100 off the program cost. The final KIIS deadline is February 15, 2015. Students attending a KIIS program pay no tuition costs for up to 6 credit hours!

For more information on the following two faculty-led programs, please contact Bridget Klein, bklein@bellarmine.edu:


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