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Students Elected to the Residence Hall Association

Residence Life is pleased to announce the following election results for our 2014-2015 Residence Hall Association!  Congratulations to your student’s achievement.  These individuals will work with the Department of Housing and Residence Life to promote an environment conducive to study, friendships, and healthy living.

Executive Board:

  • Treasurer: Trevor Williams
  • Public Relations: Aimee Johnson

Floor Representatives:


  • 1st Floor: Paul Sommers
  • 2nd Floor: Kelli Goings and Kristen Horton
  • 3rd Floor: Lily Ibarra


  • 1st Floor: Sheila Hallstrom and Courtney Hall
  • 2nd Floor: Elle DeVries and Lindsay Shourd
  • 3rd Floor: Kyra Cullison and Olivia Thomas


  • 1st Floor: Raley Smarr and Cassi Robbins
  • 2nd Floor: Alyssa Sisco and Taylor Grider
  • 3rd Floor: Luke Beifuss and Jimmy Kev Clements


  • 2nd Floor: Bailey Wachter and Maggie Vaughn
  • 3rd Floor: Hunter Smith and Rachel Lhotsky
  • 4th Floor: Charlie DeRossett and Miranda Maertz
  • 5th Floor: Remington Colbert and Chole Ewbank


  • 2nd Floor: Garrett Godsey
  • 3rd Floor: David Grote and Thomas Gunnar


  • 1st Floor: Rebecca Jackson


  • 1st/2nd  Floor: Tom Finch


  • 1st/2nd Floor: Sierra Hall and Paige Tarrance
  • 3rd Floor: Julia Click
  • 4th Floor: Gavin Gleeson

Hall Councils:


  • Hall Council Chair: Kaleb Blust
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Brianna Salinas
  • Program Coordinator: Savannah Wafford


  • Chair: Olivia Russell
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jaqueline Booker
  • Program Coordinator: Kelsey Moorefield


  • Chair: Bryce Chalfant
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Heidi Kimmich
  • Program Coordinator: Johnathan Theel


  • Secretary/Treasurer: Garrett Godsey
  • Program Coordinator: Annie Plofkin


  • Chair: Haley Hunt
  • Secretary/Treasurer:
  • Program Coordinator: Bailey Biggs

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I'm the Director of the Writing Center and Director of Parent Communications at Bellarmine University.

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