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Advising and Registration for Spring 2015

Bellarmine first-year students begin their fall semester with an individualized course schedule based on: major(s), minor(s), Bellarmine’s general education requirements, previously earned credit(s), high school GPA, and ACT scores.

For spring course selection, all students are ultimately responsible for their registration; however, Bellarmine supports the process for first-year students through the Freshman Focus course. Here is an overview of the advising and registration process for freshmen.

  1. On October 28 at 11 a.m., all first-year students are required to attend a new event, “Advising for Your Major Day.” At the event, faculty from each major will facilitate group advising sessions. Students declared in a major will learn about major requirements, admission requirements (if applicable), and the number of electives offered. Departments may also discuss internships, study abroad, and careers. Students double-majoring will spend twenty minutes with one major and twenty minutes with the second major. Students currently undeclared will have an opportunity to explore up to two majors of interest or discuss options with the Academic Resource Center and Career Center.
  1. Freshmen will use the information from the group advising, along with the information provided by the Registrar’s Office and Course Catalog, and prepare a Registration Worksheet.
  1. Freshmen will meet individually with their advisors, their Freshman Focus instructors, to discuss the Registration Worksheet and make revisions if necessary. In essence, the completed and signed (by both the student and advisor) worksheet serves as a record of advisement. After a successful advising session, advisors will “lift the advising registration hold” for advisees by granting registration clearance. It is important to note that students may still have additional holds on their account, such as holds from the Bursar’s Office.
  1. Once a student has met with his or her advisor and no holds exist on his or her account, at an appointed “ticket time,” which will be sometime on November 12 or 13, that student may register for Spring 2015 courses online via the My.Bellarmine.edu student portal.

Registering for courses for the first time can seem a daunting process; however, with the support of faculty and Freshman Focus instructors, students should feel more at ease with spring course selection. Encourage your students to share concerns with their Freshman Focus instructor, especially if they are considering changing majors. Assure them that they are not alone in their questioning.

Please also encourage your students to contact the Academic Resource Center if they have questions about Advising for Your Major Day or the advising process. The Registrar’s Office is also a resource for questions about the registration process.


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