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News from the Bursar August 2015

The Bursar’s Office is Paperless!
Bellarmine has gone green! We no longer mail student account statements. The Bellarmine University email is the student’s official email address. All communication regarding statements and charges will be sent to this email address.
Students should have received an email that their statements are ready to view. Additionally, if the student has created an authorized user account for a parent or guardian, an email should have been sent to their email address on file. If you believe the student has not received a fall semester ebill and/or have not received these emails, please contact the Bursar’s Office at 502-272-8264 or bursar@bellarmine.edu. Information on how to set up an authorized user can be found on the web at www.bellarmine.edu/finance/bursar.
Accessing Bellarmine University Student Account Information:

Go to http://my.bellarmine.edu, log in and select the [Student] tab and the [My Account Information] page. Then select the link [Click here for Account Information].
o View/print prepared statements/e-bills
o View balances and make payments online
o Enroll in the eRefund option to have refunds deposited directly into a bank account
o Create Authorized User Logins
–  A great option to provide secure access for parents/guardians
o Enroll in the Bellarmine University Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)
o Setup SMS messaging options to keep you up-to-date
o View recent transaction history online
o Manage multiple payment profiles
Links to these sites, along with instructions on setting up an authorized user, can also be found one our website.
Important Reminders:

The first ebills were available to registered, incoming freshman in June. Please have your student review their bill for the fall semester if they have not done so already. Ebills are located at the top right-hand side of the (My Account Information) page online.

Fall semester tuition was due August 3rd, 2015 unless the student is enrolled in a monthly payment plan. If you have questions about your student’s ebill, please contact the Bursar’s Office at 502-272-8264 or bursar@bellarmine.edu. If you have specific questions about your student’s financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 502-272-7300 or finaid@bellarmine.edu.

Tuition Contracts are due to the Bursar’s Office before fall semester classes begin. If your student has not completed and returned the contract, they must log in to https://my.bellarmine.edu with their username and password, select the [Student] tab, choose (Bursar’s Office) on the left, go to (Bursar’s Forms) and select the Tuition Contract. Signatures cannot be electronic.

Parking permits for students are to be picked up at the Security Office, located in Horrigan Hall. Students must first register their vehicle online in the Student Portal. Students will select the [Admissions] tab and then choose to “Create or renew a registration” under Parking Registration. There is no charge for student parking permits as included in the Comprehensive Fee.


Why Pay Student Tuition Online?

Paying Online is:
1. Convenient – Tuition can be paid from the luxury of your home or during your lunch break at work.
2. Secure – All account information is confidential.
3. Quick – Payments are posted immediately to the student account.
4. Easy – Can be completed in just a few simple steps.
5. Efficient – There is no waiting in line and no risk of your check being lost in the mail.

For students to make a payment online, they will login to https://my.bellarmine.edu, select [Student] tab and then [My Account Information]. From there students will click the link [Click here for Account Information] and then “Click here to make a payment.” Parents will login at https://bellarmine.edu/finance/bursar.aspx. The Bursar’s Office accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover online (2.75% fee) or electronic check (no fee). The Bursar’s Office does not accept credit card payments at the office window or over the phone.


Forms of Payment Accepted:

Cash Pay at Bursar’s Office – 2nd Floor of Horrigan Hall
E-check Pay Online through CASHNet – No Fees!
Check Pay at Bursar’s Office or Send through mail
Credit Card Credit cards are not accepted at the Bursar’s window or over the phone. Credit card payments must be made online through CASHNet. All Payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted and processed by CASHNet. A 2.75% convenience fee is charged by CASHNet for this service.
MPP Bellarmine’s Monthly Payment Plan. There are two options available this year.
Full Amount Due– Your estimated charges will upload for easy set-up
Fall Only (August through November – $35 fee)
Spring Only (December or January through March – $35 fee)
Custom Plan – Customize your payment plan amount based on outside aid
Fall Only (August through November – $35 fee)
Spring Only (December or January through March – $35 fee)
Sign up for the Bellarmine University Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)

Parent/Authorized User Login:
Go to http://www.bellarmine.edu/finance/bursar.aspx
Click on (Authorized User Payments)
Login with Parent/Authorized User Login/Password

Student Login:
Login https://my.bellarmine.edu/payment

Once logged in, you can choose one of two plans located under the ‘Installment Payment Plans’ box. The Full Amount Due Plan will create a payment plan for you based on the remaining estimated balance that comes directly from your ebill. The Custom Balance Plan allows you to enter in a contract amount separate from the ebill and is most useful for students with payments coming from multiple sources i.e. KAPT, NORTON, UPS, outside scholarships not yet received, etc.

Payments are due on the tenth of each month. Once your plan has been created, you have the option to enroll in auto-payments where the amount due is drafted from your bank account on the tenth of each month. You may also log in to pay toward your payment plan each month by selecting “Click Here to Make a Payment” and then MPP Installment Plan. Payments toward the plan are made online ONLY. You may pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover (2.75% fee) or with an electronic check (no fee). Payments post immediately to the student account.

*Reminder: Payment plans must be renewed by the student each semester if this is the chosen payment method.

Fall 2015 Plan – $35 set up fee
4 months to pay if start by August 10th
Spring 2016 Plan – $35 set up fee
5 months to pay if start by December 10th
4 months to pay if start by January 10th
Pay for Meals/Flex$ Online!

Declining Balance Flex$
You can purchase Declining Balance Flex$ online! When you select “Click here to make a payment,” you will be given a list of items that you may make a payment toward such as dorm charges, tuition, and declining balance flex$. For every $100 that is applied to the student’s declining balance flex$, they will be rewarded a $10 bonus on the account. Declining Balance Flex$ roll over from one semester to the next as long as the student is affiliated with the university. This is an excellent option for commuters and great for residents who would like additional funds for food.

BU Dollars
BU Dollars is an online, prepaid declining balance account that may be used on Bellarmine’s campus and at various participating locations around the city of Louisville. Students may also choose to make purchases at the campus Bookstore with these funds. Purchased funds are uploaded directly onto the student’s ID card and active immediately. This account will roll over from one semester to the next as long as the student is affiliated with the university and may be renewed at any time. BU Dollars can limit the amount of cash carried by the student and can be applied to a variety of locations and vendors. Some of these vendors include J Gumbo’s, Yellow Cab, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid and more!
Commuter Plan – 30 Meals + $50 Flex$
You can now purchase the Commuter Meal Plan online! The plan cost is $245 and includes 30 meals and $50 in Flex$ and rolls over from the Fall to Spring semester. This option is great for our Commuter students who eat meals on campus but also visit the café or carts where they can purchase items a la carte. Select “Click here to make a payment” and choose the Commuter Plan option.


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