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Alternative Spring Break: Connecting to Service and Fun


Service experiences can give your student an opportunity to connect with social issues, understand their impact, and discern their path and career. We are offering 5 trips this year and would love for you to encourage your student to register for one of them. All trips are $300 and include housing, food, entertainment, and service fees for the duration of the trip. All trips are from February 28th, 2016 to March 4th, 2016. Students must sign up for these by February 5th via U Knight (our involvement website).

Encourage your Knight to make a difference this Spring Break and send them this link to the UKnight sign up page!

See below for an overview of each of the trips offered this year:

Rebuilding and Exploring Culture in Appalachia

Become immersed in the culture and beauty of Appalachia. You will work with home repair in the mountains of Kentucky . In the evening take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by hiking, going for a run, or playing games with newly made friends. Each evening there are also cultural experience available, such as; award winning bluegrass performers, historical presentations on the area, campfires, and much more.

Nashville, Tennessee
Exploring Culture in the “Music City”

Explore the “music city” and visit landmarks such as the Music City Hall of Fame, Parthenon, and the Grand Ole Opry just to name a few. Serve the Nashville community while exploring education, homelessness, health, and immigration. You will have the opportunity to visit multiple agencies and serve.  Throughout the trip you will have fun and learn about the justice issues in Nashville.

Virginia (Kiptopeke State Park)
Exploring the Coast and Environment

Spend the week on the coast of Chesapeake Bay and work with the State Park system in Virginia to repair boardwalks, plant trees, repair structures, placing rip rap along banks, prepare campgrounds, connecting and exploring the environment. In the evening you will have the opportunity to do geocaching, caving, hiking, visit other local parks, historical landmarks, and much more.

Charleston, South Carolina
Discovering Justice through Injustice

This trip will explore various social justice issues and consider how these issues impact policies and the lives of the residents of Charleston.  The trip will immerse students in various cultural and historical perspectives through visiting landmarks, activities, and service sites. Service projects will include housing development projects, volunteering with shelters for persons experiencing homelessness, habitat restoration and protection, and much more.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Exploring NOLA!

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll and spend week learning about the history of New Orleans and doing home repair with the St. Bernard Project. Tour museums and the past to understand the current social justice themes. You will work closely with fellow Bellarmine University students to do home repair. This trip immerses you in the culture of Louisiana, through exploring the food, sights, and tradition of hospitality. This trip brings to life the struggles faced by the people of Louisiana post-Katrina and reminds us of the multiple challenges still ahead.





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