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Housing Selection Process for Fall 2016

 For the the 2016-2017 academic year, all current residents will have the option to go through the Online Returning Student Housing Selection.  To reserve a housing assignment, each student will be responsible for completing all components of the online process.

Students will have the ability to pay deposits, choose a roommate, and  select a room and meal plan for Fall 2016.  At the end of the selection process, students will know their room and roommate choice for the following year.

Housing Selection Timeline for Fall 2016

January 19th        Students can begin making their $100 room deposit. Each student will need to submit a $100 room deposit to move forward in the selection process. All deposits are due by February 15th.

February 8th        Students can renew their same hall and room if they live in Anniversary, Terzo or Quarto

February 15th     All deposits are due. Students cannot select their roommates until February 26th

March 19th-March 28th    Open Room Selection. During this time students cannot select their housing for next year based on classification priority. Rising Seniors will select their rooms beginning March 19th.

Additional information will be available in January!


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