Registration and Schedules

Why Are You Scheduled for That? A Note About Course Scheduling for Fall 2011

Ok parents, I have to give it to you straight. Now is the time of year when the ARC gets LOTS of calls from parents about their incoming freshmens’ schedules. Let me just say that parental concern, attention, and involvement in this critical period in your student’s life is amazing and, as well all know by […]

VICTORY!!! And Fall Registration

First, let me be honest in admitting that I am a fair-weather fan. I am not generally inclined to follow sports, but I sometimes get into certain teams (the Cincinnati Reds are always lingering somewhere in the back of my mind). I have attended BU basketball games (men’s and women’s) and always enjoyed myself, not only […]

Why Are You Scheduled For That?: Questions About Your Student’s Course Schedule

  Around this time of year, we in the ARC get a lot of calls about students’ schedules, courses, and majors; many of those calls come from concerned parents. To alleviate your concern, I’d like to make the process of scheduling for incoming freshmen a little more transparent for BU parents, and also touch on […]

What Do You Want to Know?

Hey Knight parents! I’m back. I didn’t abandon you (I couldn’t do that to my loyal readers!) I took a little spring break myself, back when your students did, and then I got wrapped up in the 4Cs conference (Conference on College Composition and Communication—bear in mind that the other facet of my job is […]