Career Development

So, Your Student Wants to Change Majors?

Registration for spring 2015 courses for began yesterday with the seniors. By November 14, nearly all current degree-seeking students will have registered for courses.  For freshmen who are unsure what they’ll major in, or those  having second thoughts about what they thought was a “sure thing” a few months ago, the process can seem even […]

A Message from the Career Center: Making College Pay

How can your son or daughter get the best return on your investment in their college education—a good job and launch into their first career?  Good grades and the right major are important blocks in the foundation of finding a job after graduation. There are, however, other steps students can take to increase their value […]

Pioneering Ahead to Sophomore Year

The Pioneer Scholars have been busy this year. The events and activities planned each Tuesday are aimed at transitioning first-generation students from high school to college. But what happens after freshman year? Here’s an overview of several activities from this past year that should ease the transition into sophomore year. Registration Preparation: Same Dance Every […]

Attention Parents of Juniors and Seniors: Alumni Want to Mentor Your Students!

Students can get inundated with programs, events, announcements, and free stuff while in college. I’ve even heard the the daily student announcement email, the Daily Knight, referred to as SPAM! It can be difficult to filter among the important, the relevant, the necessary, the fun, and the optional. This is one of the reasons why […]