Presidential Achievement Scholarship

The Presidential Achievement Scholarship: Now is the Time

Perhaps you know about the Presidential Achievement Scholarship (PAS for short!)? If not, check it out for the basic run down here before reading more. Although we started announcing the PAS way back in early January, most students begin the process a few weeks before the deadline (the 2014 deadline is February 28). Along with the past blogs […]

Will you be my recommendation?

Advice for students applying for the Presidential Achievement Scholarship! The deadline for the Presidential Achievement Scholarship is fast approaching– February 25. One major component of the application are two letters of recommendation– one must be from a Bellarmine professor; the other could be written by a Bellarmine coach, work-study supervisor, or other Bellarmine staff member. Many students (especially first-years)are […]

Yes, next year can be cheaper

Hey all,      This is a short blog to remind you to remind your students to apply for the Presidential Achievement Scholarship. The scholarship award can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000, and this year there’s more money than ever to give out. Students can access the Presidential Achievement Scholarship on their my.bellarmine pages. It […]

How Students Can Get a Good Letter of Recommendation: Advice for Getting a Presidential Achievement Scholarship

Letters of recommendation for the Presidential Scholarship are a major part of the application.  In order to help professors and others who write for you, follow the guidelines recommended by Dr. Catherine Sutton, Dean of Academic Advising. 1. Select a professor or staff member who knows you well. If the person you ask doesn’t know […]

Another way for your student to get tuition money for next year…

Looking to pay a little less for tuition next year? Have your student apply for the Presidential Achievement Scholarship. The scholarship is only available to current Bellarmine students, and is renewable every year! Who is eligible? All Bellarmine undergraduate students who are working towards their first degree, have completed one semester at the time of […]