High school vs. college

You Can’t Pick This Up at Wal-Mart: Five Ways to Prepare for Bellarmine This Summer

1. Finances All incoming students should have access to their finalized Financial Aid Package and fall semester bill from the Bursar. Students access financial aid and bills via my.bellarmine.edu (Student Tab–>My Account Information).  If you and your future Knight haven’t already had “the talk,” now would be a good time to discuss finances and budgeting: […]

Library information for the start of the year…

As the start of the new academic year fast approaches, let me take this opportunity to suggest a few points to pass along to your incoming student. The librarians and staff at the W.L. Lyons Brown Library are here to support student learning and promote student success. The library provides resources and services to support […]

Your Student’s Grades and FERPA

Erica Osborne, the Interim Director of ARC Academic Services, has a special message about student grades and parent-student communication for families of incoming freshmen: College brings some big changes for your son or daughter. That’s understatement, to say the least. But did you know that one of the biggest changes for families of college students […]

“But I never had to study in high school!”

The first test—Anatomy. Rachel, a freshman and an A-B student in high school, approached the class and test just like she has her entire life. She completed the assigned readings, attended every class, and took decent notes. Two days before the test, she memorized her notes. Although the amount of material was much more than […]

Things that Will Blow Your Freshman’s Mind, Part II

BU Parents!,      What a summer! And I’ll let you in on a little secret to boot: we are rapidly approaching a very important date in my life, my birthday. I don’t know about you all, but birthdays always make me reflective about the past. Ten years ago this summer, I was in your students’ […]