The Hometown Sweetheart

Most freshmen leave their family if they move away from home to attend Bellarmine. Also, many move a distance away from the person they’re dating. Often, these relationships present the college freshman with major dilemmas. I’ve recounted some typical scenarios regarding the boyfriend/girlfriend back home. Although I’ve tried not to reduce the myriad of circumstances […]

“What’s With Today, Today?”

The title of this blog is from an old favorite movie of mine, Empire Records. It’s the story of several young people between 18 and 22 who work in a quirky record store. It’s your typical angsty teen comedy, and it was considered a must-see when I was a teen. On the day in which the […]

Homesickness: The Epidemic

Oh boy. They’re all homesick. That’s probably hyperbole, but that’s what it feels like right now. Some students are dreadfully homesick. Why? There are lots of reasons and factors. What generally happens is that students are at the point in the semester where they’re starting to lose motivation: their midterm grades weren’t so hot; they’re […]

How are things?

So BU Parents,      We’ve begun the second full week of school, and things are trucking right along. Freshmen are beginning to get the hang of things, may have had a couple of quizzes, or are drafting that first big paper. They’re real college students, now. How’s everything going? I can tell you that some […]