Second Semester of Freshman Year

New Advisor Day

New Advisor Day, which will be held on February 26, 2015, marks Bellarmine first-year students’ official transition to an advisor in their major. At the event, students have the opportunity to connect with their departments and meet their advisors. Undecided freshmen will have the opportunity to explore one major of interest or speak with an […]

Advising and Registration for Spring 2015

Bellarmine first-year students begin their fall semester with an individualized course schedule based on: major(s), minor(s), Bellarmine’s general education requirements, previously earned credit(s), high school GPA, and ACT scores. For spring course selection, all students are ultimately responsible for their registration; however, Bellarmine supports the process for first-year students through the Freshman Focus course. Here […]

Pioneering Ahead to Sophomore Year

The Pioneer Scholars have been busy this year. The events and activities planned each Tuesday are aimed at transitioning first-generation students from high school to college. But what happens after freshman year? Here’s an overview of several activities from this past year that should ease the transition into sophomore year. Registration Preparation: Same Dance Every […]

They’re (More) Ready Now: New Advisor Day is Thursday

The annual Bellarmine tradition of “New Advisor Day” happens this week. I want to take a minute to talk about the significance of this event in the academic lives of BU freshmen. Ever since freshmen got to campus in August, those who “knew” what they wanted to major in, what career they ultimately aspired to, […]

Will Second Semester be Better?— Three Tools to Make Changes

It’s easy for freshmen, refreshed from Winter Break, to think that after a rocky first semester, second semester will automatically be “better” or “easier.” While second semester might be better and easier, the difference isn’t automatic. For students who learned something about themselves— their study habits, their routines, their major, their friends, their health, ect, it will […]