Millenial Students/Millenials’ Parents

Learning Curve: Creating Balance between Academic and Social Interactions

A large part of the university experience is social in nature, whether that involves organized involvement opportunities or the way students choose to utilize their free time while out of classes. Hanging out with friends in the University Dining Hall, going to the movies with friends, late night gatherings on campus, staying up all night, […]

The final reason it rocks to be a parent of a sophomore…

You already know precisely what to do with the vacant space left in your home!      

It still rocks to be a parent of a sophomore because…

There is no need for you to learn a new language. Galileo, Pioneers, Brown, ARC, UDH, Focus, K-new, Sienas, and Anni are already part of your vocabulary.  

Next reason it rocks to be a parent of a sophomore….

Students now have so many Bellarmine t-shirts, the amount of laundry they’ll bring home is drastically reduced. Thanks Jean Marie Smith and Eric for your comments and contributions on the last post. Keep them coming! Why do you think it rocks to be a parent of a sophomore?

Top reasons it rocks to be a parent of a BU sophomore!

  You’ve gotten really good at saying “Have you tried contacting X?” In response to calls about issues with registration, roommates, maintenance, food, professors. Parents, what do you think? Why does it rock to be a parent of a sophomore? We’ll post our list over the next few days, but we want your contributions too! […]