Preparing for Bellarmine

Step into BU at Knight U

Step into BU at Knight U

On Saturday, Bellarmine welcomes nearly 400 students and their families to the Bellarmine Community. The annual event, Knight U, is the first of many big steps into Bellarmine. Students meet peers and discuss their academic plans with faculty and advisors. Parents and families receive an overview of the essentials of the Bellarmine experience from faculty, […]

No need for the tape measure.

According to Lauren Keeling, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admission, this time of summer inevitably brings questions from incoming parents and students regarding Residence Hall specifics: dimensions of rooms and amenities. Further, some families have even requested to stop in and formally survey a future room. Lauren explains that coming to campus and personally surveying a […]

You Can’t Pick This Up at Wal-Mart: Five Ways to Prepare for Bellarmine This Summer

1. Finances All incoming students should have access to their finalized Financial Aid Package and fall semester bill from the Bursar. Students access financial aid and bills via (Student Tab–>My Account Information).  If you and your future Knight haven’t already had “the talk,” now would be a good time to discuss finances and budgeting: […]

“iPad? Laptop? Tablet? Mac? PC? What’s the best choice for my incoming BU freshman?”

This is one question the Bellarmine IT Department gets asked a lot. Here’s our advice… Consider The Major There are a few departments that have specific computing requirements. For students majoring in Digital Art, Communication, Computer Science, or Music Technology, we encourage students to contact those department to see if they have any requirements related to software packages. […]