You Can’t Pick This Up at Wal-Mart: Five Ways to Prepare for Bellarmine This Summer

1. Finances All incoming students should have access to their finalized Financial Aid Package and fall semester bill from the Bursar. Students access financial aid and bills via (Student Tab–>My Account Information).  If you and your future Knight haven’t already had “the talk,” now would be a good time to discuss finances and budgeting: […]

Is your student a future APA or RA that ResLife is looking for?

From time to time, I’ll invite guest bloggers to provide another prospective for parents. Today, Hannah Piechowski, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, wants to get the word out that she’s currently looking for some eager, and maybe not even self-acknowledged yet, leaders of Bellarmine’s campus. APAs (Academic Peer Advocates) and RAs (Resident Assistants) contribute much overall to campus […]

Stating the Obvious

I’m going to go ahead and state the obvious: your student is home! You might have some conflicts and conversations; yet, those may lead to some meaningful communication. Remember, you’re experiencing yet another concentrated change in your family dynamic, and there are bound to be some growing pains in the process. For my last post until the new […]

So, your kid wants a job…

While I chatted with the father of a Bellarmine Freshman a few weeks ago, he admitted that he and his wife were dealing with an issue concerning their daughter (let’s call her “Katie”). Katie wanted to work; her parents would prefer that she focus on getting the most out of Bellarmine, both academically and socially. […]

Work it Out: Students Who Work

A big issue that often arises when advisors have conversations with students about first semester freshman year is that of “having a job.” Parents and students both seem to have a lot of misconceptions about this that it might be beneficial for us to make more clear, so here goes. First, it’s good for your […]